the 7 catholic


“We aren’t asked to watch the mass but to participate in it.”

As Catholics, we use the Sacred Sacraments as channels to God. Each is an effort towards living a life with God. 


Baptism is the beginning of our faith, and foundational to share in the Church's mission. If you're a new parent, you are invited to attend a class to support you in raising your child in the faith.


Individuals confirm their faith and renew Baptismal promises. This commitment takes some preparation, as participants learn about their faith before participating.


We believe God is present in the mass, are you? The Sacrament of the Eucharist is the pinnacle of the mass. For Catholics, it is a celebration of reverence, and for this reason, visitors are asked to be respectful.


Confession offers us opportunity to reflect on how we are living our lives. It's our First Reconciliation that teaches us the importance of saying 'sorry' in order to come back to God, and each other.


Your decision to marry is one of the most important decisions in your life. Know that the Church supports and cares about you and your marriage. Weddings must be booked 6 months ahead.


Call the Parish Office if you have a loved one who is in hospital and in need of anointing or Holy Communion. Parishioners are also invited to volunteer to assist our priests in Extraordinary Ministries to the sick.

holy orders

In the Bible, the apostles were ordained by Jesus at the Last Supper so that others could share in his priesthood. The Sacrament of Holy Orders carries on the priesthood for bishops, priests and deacons.