We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

code of conduct

At St Oliver’s we are committed to fostering the dignity, self esteem and integrity of vulnerable people within our community. This Code of Conduct is for all those who work or volunteer to work with children, young people and the vulnerable within our parish and provides a framework for providing a safe, supportive and enriching environment.

safeguarding children

All employees and volunteers at St Oliver’s are committed to upholding a duty of care to children and young people and taking all reasonable steps to protect them from all forms of abuse and harm. This document outlines our policies to safeguard our children and young people from harm.

social media policy

The parish recognises that the development of social media has provided significant opportunities to reach out to our community. This policy provides guidelines on the use of social media for providing information, building friendships and promoting church activities.

privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us at St Oliver’s. This policy outlines our position on the collection of personal information and steps we take to safeguard your details.